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Lily Allen’s (Almost) Back – A Look at Lil’s Essentials to Tide You Over

Originally published on Fuse Magazine UK

It’s been 4 years since the pop songstress released her last album, 2009’s It’s Not Me It’s You, during which she founded a clothing line, beefed with numerous celebrities on Twitter and oh, popped out two babies. For a notoriously snarky singer who built up a career on jibes about her various ex-lovers, its been somewhat of a question how newfound domesticism might change Allen’s music. How many dirty sex jokes or slants at someone else’s appendages, can you make when you’re happily married?

The critical jury’s still out on whether or not Allen can measure up to her Alright, Still golden days-– Hard Out Here was a brilliant re-entry into the music industry, tackling cultural hot-topics of the moment sexism and slut-shaming with her trademark sharp tongue …and then there were single flops “L8 CMMR” and “Air Balloon,” featuring flat lyrics over sugary electropop backing tracks poorly suited to someone as witty as Allen.

As we await her currently untitled third album (or at least more singles to give us a better handle on whether it’ll be worth buying or not) it’s only fitting to listen back at some essential Lily Allen classics.
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