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Fit Finds #1: Spotting UAL’s Finest Fashionistas

Originally written for first test issue of Artefact Magazine

Fashion can be an absolute bloodsport. The well-dressed Londoner will need to battle their way through high-end sample sales (or maybe just the wilds of Primark) for the cutest clothing gems, will leave their bank accounts bruised, broken and penniless in the name of this season’s hottest styles, and will have to one-up the thousands of other fashionistas roaming these metropolitan streets with similar visions of fashion grandeur. Here at UAL, it’s our job to be creative — after all, why else would you come to art school? — and our student body does it pretty well. From Camberwell to CSM, Wimbledon to Chelsea, LCC to all the LCF campuses scattered throughout LDN, we’ve got some fit fashion warriors at our uni and it’s time they get a shout.

This week’s fashionista hails from CSM – fitting, since just last week HuffPo called their students “intimidatingly cool.” Meet Angie Kang, BA Fashion Communication: Fashion History and Theory track, as well as a fairly recent transplant from Los Angeles, California. Kang met us in Hoxton for a quick Q&A about how she breaks the rules, keeps her clothes cool, and the wild style change she’s got planned later this week

Who are your fashion inspirations?
That’s such a hard question. It honestly just depends on my mood, really – how I’m feeling when I get dressed. I collect things that inspire me if I see them on the internet or in a magazine, but I don’t think I have one specific person that I think about when I’m getting dressed. It would be a very long list of people.

If you could sit down with one fashion icon for an hour or so right now, who would it be?
Karl Lagerfeld.

How long did it take you to put today’s outfit together?
Not long at all. Maybe like, 5 minutes? I just think “oh, I like this, let’s wear this and this together.” Getting dressed is a very, very quick process for me.

Is there anything that you gravitate towards when you’re out trying to find inspiration? A certain type of pattern, material, anything like that…
Things that catch my eye. I like colors. Fun textures and prints. Sometimes I’ll be really, really into black — obviously anyone that’s in fashion loves a uniform of black. I like to juxtapose a lot. Like with today’s outfit, I don’t like things that are too ladylike. I like to rough it up a little. I think fashion’s supposed to be fun, it’s not supposed to be a big, serious ordeal.

Are there any fashion trends that you absolutely hate? Or is there maybe one specific style rule that you love breaking?
Honestly, I hate trends. That sounds so stupid because fashion really runs on trends, but I just don’t think that you’re supposed to be dressed according to rules. Sometimes I’ll dress really conservative, and sometimes it’s fun being vulgar and a little tacky. You have to know a good balance. I guess my mantra would be “wear what makes you happy.” That’s basically I do when I get dressed.

Is there anything you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? Like a brand or type of clothes?
Never say never.

You mentioned earlier that the next style that you want to try is white hair.
I’m so bored, and I’m leaving London soon, I think it’s like… my way of keeping London with me, do you know? White hair is super drastic. I’ve seen examples of it, and I think… I’m not afraid of me not being able to pull it off—I hate when people say that, “oh, you really pull that off well, I would never be able to pull that off.” It’s a compliment to me whenever they say it, but like, why not? I think if you can carry yourself and you want to wear something [you can do it]. For the white hair, I’m scared that it just might not suit my face [laughs]. But it’s definitely a fashion statement. I have an appointment for Wednesday, so we’ll see! I have some days to work my way up to it.

Where did you get all of these individual pieces?
The shoes are Charlotte Olympia, the button-down is J-Crew, the skirt and the jacket are vintage. The jacket was from Nordic Fashion in Boxpark. The jewelry is mostly my Nana’s, but this “Angie” necklace is from Selfridges – you can customize your name. I just got it yesterday!


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