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Gravity Falls really doesn’t suck as much as you think it does

“Ladies and gentlemen, behold– The Sascrotch!”

Enter an animated Sasquatch stuffed into a pair of tighty whities. It’s on a pedestal in Uncle Stan’s backwoods Oregon museum, meant to illustrate just how tacky Uncle Stan’s museum is. Who’s Uncle Stan? That’s not important (yet). What is important is that a writer coined the term “Sascrotch,” snickered over the animated mockups of a character only meant to appear for approximately 2 seconds …and inserted it anyway. Now, if “Sascrotch” didn’t elicit at least a snort from you, you probably shouldn’t have come to Disney Channel for entertainment in the first place. But if you’re a fan of cartoons built on gleeful irreverence and deliberate humour, Gravity Falls will be a surprisingly pleasant foray into the world of children’s programming.

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